Our Story

An Alternative Accommodation Experience

Uncontained exists to allow guests to reconnect with themselves, loved ones and nature. We have created Uncontained to provide guests with a new experience rather than just a place to stay. 

Each location has been chosen specifically to promote a calm space and relaxation within the mind body and soul. Guests are surrounded by nature, peace and quiet, allowing the mind and body to leave normal life and sink deep into an alternate oasis. Our locations are also only a short distance from local activities and eateries.

A bed with Mustard Sheets and pillows to match. One white pillow, one pillow with decorative swirly patterns and a light mustard pillow.
Sight: Bird Feather, Paperbark Tree, Mountains with the Sun Setting

AN unlimited oasis

Uncontained encourages you to remember life's simple pleasures, as you will be surrounded by endless trees, mountains and wildlife. We hope you will create new and lasting memories, reminding yourself of the beauty that is found in nature.

Spirit: Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars

FINd balance

Be rested knowing you have given yourself an opportunity to re-align. Providing your senses with a boost from mother nature and allowing your soul to feel centred and at ease.

Scent: Flower, Wind

Escape from reality

Refill all of your senses and connect with the smells of nature. The morning ocean spray, untouched eucalyptus trees and the purity of fresh open air.

An image of the ocean coming up to the rocks on the shore. A foamy pattern in the waves.
Touch: Wind, Fire, Rain

A sensual experience

Revive yourself and remember the beauty in feeling. Find yourself immersed in the present, taking in each and every moment. Waking within freshly pressed sheets, feeling the sand between your toes, or the crisp wind against your skin.

Taste: Bowl of Food, Wine, Glass

Considered indulgence

Consider the moment, and enjoy the taste and comforts of life. Indulging in food and drink to calm your soul and reconnect with time.

Sound: Birdsong, Rustling Leaves

Adventure by day, serenity by night

With endless opportunities for adventure, find yourself exploring the surroundings by day and falling into your own oasis by night. Remember admiring the birdsong and wind sound that surround you.

Come and sink into an unlimited oasis.

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